Thomas F McGeehan V

Data Technology Architect

Data Science Enthusiast (314) 375 6681 St. Louis, Missouri


I am a highly creative and results-oriented senior data warehouse architect specializing in designing data platforms, and embedding analytics on Exadata, Netezza, and Hadoop, both in-cloud and on-premises. I am a consistent top performer who is eager to offer 15+ years of progressive experience leading complex worldwide R&D projects, planning and implementing extremely large data warehouses using industry leading technology, and building forward-thinking teams. My peers consider me to be an Oracle, Netezza, data integration, analytics and ETL . guru with a dozen patents.


Ensemble Merchant Prediction System

Method for Implementing Approximate Matching in a Relational Database

System for Providing Behavioral Modification

System and Method for Platform Independent File Transfer

Systems and methods for creating standardized street address tokens

Generating Address Tokens for Matching

Peer based behavioral modification

Others unrelated to technology


Data Warehouse & Analytics Architect 03/15 - PRESENT
Wells Fargo & Company, Saint Louis, Missouri

I conducted a robust data virtualization proof-of-concept using Cisco Information Server; I designed three-year strategic technology roadmap and implemented database federation in the data warehouse as a formal strategic capability;I designed migration strategy to move the warehouse to Exadata hardware.

Senior Data Warehouse Architect 01/14 – 11/14
03/13 – 11/13
02/11 – 02/12
Bank of America Corporation, Charlotte, North Carolina

I returned to the bank to optimize Oracle and Netezza processes that suffered from poor performance. I optimized hundreds of queries and processes, resulting in a 400% average increase in query performance.I implemented an agile and continuous delivery model within the data warehouse, including automated regression testing.

Principal Netezza Consultant 12/13 – 01/14
Principal Financial Group, Des Moines, Iowa; London

I developed a solution to deliver near real-time replication from PostgreSQL databases to Netezza and replaced several mission-critical machine learning models from SAS to R / Hadoop.Developed best practices for Netezza ETL and reporting applications.

Data Warehouse Architect (Netezza & Oracle) 10/12 – 12/13
Magellan Health Services, Saint Louis, Missouri

I led the architecture and redesign of the enterprise data warehouse including multiple Netezza appliances and large Oracle RACs
I designed a BCP strategy and technical solution along with a robust CDC system. I converted dozens of legacy system to modern MPP architecture.I mentored and trained dozens of developers on best practices and patterns.

Senior Data Warehouse Leader/ Consultant 03/05 – 02/11
MasterCard Worldwide, Saint Louis, Missouri

I was an instrumental leader in laying the groundwork for a new paradigm for business analytics, information delivery, and product development in one of the largest and most complex data warehouses in the world. Working within this multi-petabyte size environment spanning Oracle Exadata, Netezza, and Hadoop, I conceived of, architected and led development teams to deliver highly profitable data-intensive products, including several with patents, while growing the talent of a distributed development team. (314) 375 6681 St. Louis, Missouri


Philip Wu
Raegen Lang
Jason Ruthorford
Gary Horn
Kumar Bajajii

Recommendation Letters


Master of Science, CS

06/2013 – {in progress]
University of Missouri
Science and Technology

Bachelor of Science,

08/1997 - 06/ 2001
Southern Illinois University


Python/Web Development
Open Source Development
Chess (competitive)
Machine Learning


Oracle R
Exadata Linux
Netezza Bash
MongoDB Spark
Hive CIS
DB2 MicroStrategy
Python Actuate
Angular Informatica
Linux Ab Initio
GoldenGate Machine Learning
SQL Server Time Series Forecasting
PostreSQL Cloud Computing
Performance Scalability

Others unrelated to technology


Senior Data Warehouse Leader/Consultant 03/05 – 02/11
MasterCard Worldwide, Saint Louis, Missouri

I created a patented merchant search/identifier that performs a novel approximate search and returns accurate results in under 100 msec.

I created a patented matching engine that uses machine learning and TF/IDF to match very large datasets to the space of MasterCard acceptors.

I created a patented system and method for predicting merchant brand classification based on financial transaction data.

I played a vital role in conceiving, designing, and leading the development of a merchant-focused, web-based tool with a significant revenue stream that provides in-depth trending metrics (e.g. volume, growth, and customer loyalty enabling fact-based decisions) to improve marketing results and ensure dominance over core competitors.


MasterCard Payment Gateway

I led the development of a payment gateway, providing seamless data and money exchange between merchants and suppliers.

Merchant Search

I designed and developed a forward-thinking web-based service that allows MasterCard associates to perform a probabilistic approximate search for a MasterCard acceptor using the merchant name or geographical properties.

MasterCard Merchant Monitoring

I designed and developed a novel solution for measuring the relative health of MasterCard merchant financial data using linear exponential smoothing to compute an expected value for a range of meta-data metrics; when the real value falls outside of computed Bollinger Bands, the metric is considered to be anomalous, is flagged as such, and corrective action is taken.

Plateform Independent Transfer Method

I invented a patented solution that allows any application capable of connecting to a JDBC compliant database to exchange data & files with another application, regardless of operating system.

JDBC Data Federation(patent pending)

I created a custom JDBC driver to enable client applications to consume data from a plurality of databases with a single JDBC connection.